Greta Guzek, painters on Sunshine Coast, BC, British Columbia painters, Sunshine Coast BC art artists paint painters painting
Greta Guzek
Landscape, seascapes, colourful cottages by the sea.

Todd Clark, abstract painters Sunshine Coast BC, contemporary abstract painting Sunshine Coast BC
Todd Clark
- Gibsons
Todd's popular open studio visits in July are a treat not to be missed. His abstract oil paintings on panel evoke landscapes and come in sizes and colours for every budget.

Ian MacLeod
- Halfmoon Bay
Abstract colour field paintings. Acrylics and plastic on canvas.
Ian MacLeod Blogspot.
Ian exhibits at Westwind Gallery.

Josefa Fritz Barham, harbour harbor painting painters Sunshine Coast, BC, British Columbia seascape painting, landscape painters Gibsons, Sechelt, Roberts Creek,  Powell River BC
Josefa Fritz Barham
- Gibsons
Oil paintings, harbour scenes, waterscapes, forest scenes and trees. Josefa exhibits at Westwind Gallery.

Paula O'Brien, figurative painting British Columbia BC, Vancouver Sunshine Coast, figurative art painters Gibsons, Sechelt, Roberts Creek, Powell River
Paula O'Brien
- Gibsons
Figurative paintings include a circus element and theatrical costumed models. Expressive portraits, mixed media paintings, wearable art textiles and inspiring artist's home.

Megan Dulcie Dill, salmon fish nature naturalist painter, Sunshine Coast BC, Canada, nature art, landscape painter
Megan Dulcie Dill

Megan Dulcie Dill Studios. Mixed media paintings inspired by contemporary westcoast culture. Studios are located on Savary Island and Powell River, BC.

Christy Sverre
- Gibsons
Christy's energetic and colourful abstracts are inspired by her travels and living in different cultures.  She is known by her bold use of symbols, linguistic marks, and riots of colour to activate the surface of her canvas.  

Jen Drysdale
- Gibsons
Jennifer Drysdale lives and works on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. While her work is highly influenced by memories from her parents' occupations in the commercial art industry, she has maintained a love of the human figure as subject matter since childhood. Her work often explores themes of control, power and perfection and how beliefs and aspirations in these ideals can manipulate the human condition. Jennifer has created artwork in textile but her current projects focus primarily on painting and drawing on canvas and board.

Diego Samper
- Langdale
Painting, photography and sculpture, evocative images and objects, organic and abstract.

- Garden Bay
Experience the ambience of this beautiful gallery in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, home of Motoko's contemporary paintings. Open by appointment in the winter.

Marleen Vermeulen, seascape painter painting Sunshine Coast BC British Columbia, Canada seascape artist landscape painting
Marleen Vermeulen
- Gibsons
Seascapes, beaches, trees and people painted in figurative realistic manner.

Suzy Naylor
- Roberts Creek
Painting in acrylic just for the pleasure of moving paint around on canvas and seeing what happens.

Donna Balma
- Roberts Creek
Donna Balma was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1934. She is a self taught artist who has always lived within an art community. Her travels have taken her through the US, Britain, Europe and Canada to independently study art and to be aware of contemporary movements and to keep alive her sense of being an artist.

RoseAnn Janzen
- Roberts Creek
Exhibiting around the world since 1984, RoseAnn's paintings break all the rules. Her work exudes a colourful, naive sophistication. She shows at Dr. Vigari Gallery, 1816 Commercial Dr .,Vancouver, and in Gibsons at WOODS SHOWCASE (Sunnycrest Mall) and Daffadowndilly Gallery. Visit her Studio/Gallery in funky Roberts Creek. Call for hours 604 886-0936

Odette Venuti - Gibsons
Odette's intuitive paintings are painted in acrylics and have a personal connection to the emotional lives around her. Colour plays an important role in mood and atmosphere.

Katherine Johnston
- Sechelt
Katherine paints landscapes, still life, abstracts and the human figure using either oils, acrylics, pastels, collage or mixed media.

Cody Chancellor
- Roberts Creek
Wood ~ Custom creations of wood, stone, glass and metal. Paint ~ Nature inspired acrylic and oil paintings. Illustrations ~ Children's books, advertising, storyboard and concept design.

Ginny Vail
- Gibsons
Ginny Vail is a mixed media artist who enjoys combining her photographic images with text, paper and found objects.

Ed Hill
- Gibsons.
"I've come to the conclusion that my paintings represent a resonance of energy that comes to life when I find myself out of doors, in and around nature. I hope, in viewing my site, you'll feel the same energy and resonance in the images that I've painted and in the stories I've written."

Helen Broadfoot
- Madiera Park
Helen is a realist painter in Pender Harbour. Throughout her career she's resisted pressure to conform to current tastes, loyally reflecting emotions and the
human condition in a realistic manner. She also creates works for non-profit organizations like Doctors Without Borders with her Paintings For Peace site.

Maggie Citrin

Paintings, drawings, clay sculpture, art installation and site-specific art.

Betty Pehme
- Sechelt
Abstracts, Organic Landscapes and Forals in Merged Media Printmaking. Water-media collage, mixed media and experimental printmaking.

Lenore Conacher

Abstract painting.
Lenore exhibits at Westwind Gallery.

Cindy Raich
- Gibsons
Marina waterscapes, harbour images of water, boats, landscapes. Cindy exhibits at Westwind Gallery.

Gloria Masse
- Gambier Island
Acrylic paintings with a focus on wild animals in nature.
Gloria exhibits at Westwind Gallery.

Kim Lafave
- Roberts Creek
Warm calm paintings of houses, cars, docks and harbours.

Anita Lindblom
- Sechelt
Blue Dot Art Studios offers Anita's hand painted ceramics, acrylics and watercolours with decorative floral and abstract elements.

Janice McFegan
- Sechelt
Janice is a painter and printmaker whose year of the Ox print featured on the poster for the 8th International Print Exhib0it.

Ann Willsie
- Gibsons
Impressionistic oil paintings – West Coast images, semi-abstract work, landscapes, floral, seascapes and figure painting.

Noel Silver
- Sechelt
Inspirational paintings on a large scale.

Maurice Spira
- Roberts Creek
Plein air paintings, still life paintings with a vintage feel, personal and political. Life drawing teacher.

Jurgen Ludwig
- Gibsons
Watercolour painting. A quote by Robert Mondavi, which I try to live by "Whatever you do, pour yourself into it".

Jan Poynter
- Gibsons
Commissioned portraits in pencil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic.
Price list available.

Genevieve Lemarchand
- Roberts Creek
Portraits and erotic Kama Sutra chocolates.

Carol Lafave
- Roberts Creek
Painting. landscapes, still life.

Brian Romer
- Sechelt
Brian Romer is a landscape painter who has recently turned some of his attention to figures and portraits. His paintings are available at the Gift of the Eagle Gallery in Lower

Jana Curll
- Gibsons
Jana is a painter and designer and works in oils, acrylic and digital media.

Doris Biddle
- Halfmoon Bay
Doris Biddle has won awards - for portraits of people, animals and other. She works in any medium but mostly watercolour and acrylic. She welcomes commissions and has taught art classes. Her work is in the Landing Gallery in Gibsons.

Dana Sauer
- Gibsons
Painting from her studio in Gibsons, Dana strives to capture the stunning landscapes of the Sunshine Coast with impressionistic techniques. Her razor etched acrylic on reclaimed fir windows are unique and light spirited.

Francine Desjardins
- Davis Bay
Francine Desjardins is an experimental mixed media artist originally from Montreal whose subject matter ranges from figurative to abstract.

Doug Biden
- Gibsons
Doug's art reflects a passionate interest in mankind’s struggle to find a balance with nature, a yearning to understand our place within the spiritual world from birth to death, and fascination with the reflection of society through media.

Mardi Ahmed
- Roberts Creek
Artist, sculptor, visionary...
Mardi's studio The Artbarn in Robert's Creek is open for viewing her abstract and figurative works in painting and sculpture. Salmon, horses and people fill her canvases.

Gordon Halloran
- Roberts Cree
k, by appt
Known to world audiences Paintings Below Zero, monumental public art installations in ice at 2010 Vancouver Olympics, 2006 Turin Olympics. Invited feature artist Miami Int. Art Fair 2010. Recently installed Lotus in Motion, site-specific work VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver & Sun Yat Sen Gardens, Vancouver.

Mudito Drope
- Gibsons
After years of working in fabric Mudito Drope began to concentrate on painting when she retired from her kayaking business is Gibsons.  As a lifelong “people person” her work has always included the human element but, of late, she has focused on the challenging and rewarding art of the portrait. She also paints images of life on the coast, birds that give her so much pleasure. 604-886-4938

Peggy Paulson
- Gibsons
"As a relative newcomer to the fascinating field of painting, I am exploring and learning. My recent work focuses on the figure in action, a subject I find intriguing because I can "catch" and "freeze" moments to produce a kind of tension that goes beyond photographic reproduction. I also work in sculpture and fused glass."

Anna Banana
- Roberts Creek
Performance artist, mail Art, custom postage stamps, ATC art trading cards

Sheryl McDougald
- Roberts Creek
Figurative paintings.

Mischa Brooks-Thoma
- Powell River
"Tripping across the rift of creativity."
Original Art, Limited edition Art prints, Photo Prints and Art Cards. Experience my world at

R. B. Wainwright
- Sechelt

Robert Moore
- Halfmoon Bay
Colour, texture and shapes are core of my wildlife paintings inspired by Canada's untamed beauty. Exuberant movement and wildlife images imply energy, space beyond obvious boundaries of the canvas. My art to me is an adventure & passion. Every time I pick up a brush I start another adventure.

April White
- Powell River
Sgaana Jaad~Killer Whale Woman
This Award winning Haida Artist's Wind Spirit Gallery & Studio displays her Original Watercolours, Screenprints, Prints on Cedar Bark Paper, Signed Books and Art Cards. Here Mythological Imagery, Totem Poles & Village Sites, Cultural Portraits and Landscapes can be found in Realism, Surrealism and Formline.

Nadina Tandy
- Gibsons
My fascination is with what is just under surface, obscured from full view. When I can let go of control, be without my own narration the magic happens, the painting paints itself. It feels like a journey or walking along side a friend. My work is autobiographical in this sense because it is open and changing. Sometimes it is light, often times it is dark, I accept all without fear.

Morley Baker
- Gambier Island
Abstract paintings. Morley's Westwind Gallery. in Lower Gibsons features many of the top name Sunshine Coast artists.

Donna Swain
- Selma Park, Sechelt
Motivated by beauty of our natural environment, Donna satisfies her muse in her constant search for new design ideas using Collage Papers, Mixed Media, realized  in Abstracts and Expressionistic Landscapes. As an instructor, she enjoys sharing ideas and building skills through workshop topics aimed at satisfying inquisitive natures of adventurers wanting to expand their horizons.

Stephen Fraser
- Granthams Landing
Stephen Fraser is a full time mixed media artist, therapist living in Granthams Landing. His studio is tucked away into a forest grove of 100+ foot cedars and firs that looks out across the water toward Keats Island and beyond. Stephen's art is a an abstract reflection of the drama and emotion of both the natural environment and his counseling practice.

Patricia Richardson Logie

Figurative artist, portraiture painter.

Davyd Oram
- West Sechelt

Nancy Hache
- Gibsons
I paint in acrylics, love using inks, polymers in each of my pieces. These paintings are part of a collection I am currently working on titled "Wild Women Living Sublime". I love using vibrant color and accentuating the eyes, lips and necks.

Coralie Swaney
- Gibsons
Realism in paintings of interiors, fun seagulls full of character, incredible character dolls.

Mary Jean Brown
- Gibsons
Painter and teacher in her
Hideaway Bed & Breakfast in Gibsons.

Mary Louise Guest
- Gibsons
Mosaic artist, mixed media sculpture and cement work.

Dionne Paul
- Sechelt
Coast Salish Paintress
Fine Arts Shape-shifter

Danielle Arsenault
- Gibsons
Peeled Onion Press creates finely detailed works in painting and encaustic. Realism and embellishment on panel.

Heather Waddell

Colourful paintings.

Madeleine "Bachan Kaur"
- Roberts Creek
diverse, colourful, soulful paintings in oil and acrylic.
Check out her music too!

Mohammed Asgari
- Sechelt
Neofresco Fresco, painting on plaster.

Ken Walters
- Madeira Park

Painter. Check out my Purple Banner listing.

Pauline Lawson
- Gibsons
Pauline's newest paintings are calm minimal watercolours done with a massive Chinese brush on heavy watercolour paper. Figurative miniatures and illustration.

Frank Levine
- Langdale
Painter, acrylics.

Yzabelle Delisle Milton
- Sechelt

Kristjana Gunnars

Painting and assemblage work.

Ramona Hartley
- Gibsons
My artwork reflects the intensity of movement and color I see in the natural world.  I see energy in the stillness of a pond, the effect of a breeze on a single blade of grass or the calm dripping beneath the trees in a strong rain and this is what I want to grab hold of.

Makiko Kitama
- Gibsons
"Preserving the Magic of Childhood Buddies"
Classical style commission paintings that capture the magic of childhood characters and playthings.

Barbara Langmaid
- Powell River
A transplant from California, I find myself profoundly moved by the landscape. My oil paintings are a response to this landscape using vessels as metaphors, a looking in as well as out. My work also reflects my love of literature and literary devices... presence in absence, time/space, unresolved narrative.

Wendy Brown
- Powell River
Colour-soaked acrylics on canvas and oil pastels on card – figures and landscapes inspired by west coast nature or downtown urban life. Brown studied at OCAD in Toronto and now lives and paints in Powell River BC. Works hang in private collections in BC, Ontario, New York, California and England.

Una Bachinski
- Roberts Creek
Mixed Media Abstract Painter, Jeweler
Theatre Designer
Art. Fashion. Beauty

Jane Richardson
- Sechelt
Paintings. I love to paint on large canvases – often experimenting with texture and metallic finishes. I enjoy a freedom with my abstract works that balances the discipline I feel in painting landscapes. I am constantly drawn to nature for my inspiration. Every day to me is another day to create.

Janice Edmonds
- Gibsons
Watercolour/Pastel/Oil paintings,Seascapes,Florals and West Coast scenery. In home studio 1010 Rosemund Rd (Travelling North on Hwy 101, left at Pratt Rd-left on Rosemund Rd 604 886 9346

Brett Varney
- Sechelt
By using vivid color, freedom of line I try to instill in the viewer feelings of joy and well being within us all, but often need coaxing. I draw with oil pastels because it makes me feel good and energized, and I want the viewer to experience that same energy that inspires me to create.

Olga Sugden
- Roberts Creek
Golden Egg Studio. Highly realistic figurative paintings with a Russian feel to them.

Carol Whittaker
- Gambier Island

Jane Ford


Nicola Blakey
- Roberts Creek
Painting. Nicola Blakey was born in England and has lived in Roberts Creek for over 20 years. "I paint when I am inspired by an image or see something in nature that moves me. The original paintings are in acrylic, faithfully reproduced by Giclee prints and cards."

Dana Caple Smith
- Sechelt
We spend part of our year in a small basque village just above the Spanish border, in France. The unique charm of this village has completely captured my heart! Often I find myself moved 'beyond words' and before I know it, a paint brush is in my hand, and I am savoring the shades and shadows on my canvas.

Roberta Helena Mauel
- Gibsons
Watercolour artist
Roberta enjoys painting ‘en plein air’ wherever possible. A naturalist at heart, Roberta draws inspiration from the stunning landscape of Coastal British Columbia and her home on the Sunshine Coast. Her paintings combine vibrant colours with a delicate touch.

Hiroshi Shimazaki
- Halfmoon Bay
Landscapes from around the world portrayed in watercolour by a geographer/aspiring artist are on display in my home gallery, Watercolour Journey.

Julia Dodge
- Gibsons
Julia finds images in nature that resonate with her. She prefers to work fairly large and in oils. She also enjoys portrait work and murals. Colour, compostion, form and movement drives her work. 

Leif Kristian
- West Sechelt

Miro Kot
- Garden Bay

Cherilyn Fry - Gibsons
I have done lots of pen and ink drawings mainly of flowers as I marvel at the symmetry of flowers and how each flower is a microcosm of mandalas which I like to think are spiritual in nature(so to speak).
I have done acrylic paintings but not so much anymore as I am in a two bedroom and have been for awhile and as such, my space is very limited. Pen and ink is a medium easier for me to deal with and far less messy!

Dina Dune
- Roberts Creek
One Painting, one breath
Presence to the line, complete absorption
No shadow, no anecdote, only the essence
Black ink expressing all the colors in the open space of the white rice paper.

pet portraits BC Sunshine Coast
Jennifer Ettinger - Gibsons
I have a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and have been fortunate to work as a painter since graduating. The images I paint are varied and range from sports to animal portraits to abstracts using acrylic, watercolour or oil. Commissioned pet portraits have been a favourite subject for me to paint. For more information, please contact me through my site.

Leanne Penner - Sechelt
Charcoal and pastel artworks are inspired from subjects I am passionate about, the people I meet and things that make me smile.

E. A. Evans - Gibsons
Elizabeth paints brickilism paintings, a technique she created using “bricks” of colour which result in vibrant pieces.

Kasia Krolikowska - Roberts Creek
Acrylic and mixed media abstract art.